Employee Self-Service Log In



Availability (unless communicated otherwise)

HR:  24⁄7 access
IBARS:  24⁄7 access
Finance:  M-F: 6am to 8pm Sat: 11am to 9pm Sun: 6am to 9pm
SOMRS:  24⁄7 access
Talent:  24⁄7 access


Human Resources

Phone 444-7667

Self-Service (SABHRS):  Contact your agency HR⁄payroll office
Human Resources (SABHRS):  sabhrshr@mt.gov
Payroll (SABHRS):  payroll@mt.gov
Security:  Contact your agency security officer
Agency Security Officer Assistance:  sahrssec@mt.gov
Recruiting (SOMRS):  careers@mt.gov
Careers for State Employees:  careers@mt.gov
Talent Management:  talent@mt.gov


Email: saccounting@mt.gov
Journals:  444-4681
Vouchers:  444-3092
Deposits⁄AR:  444-4579
Asset Mgmt:  444-4681
Purchase Orders/ProCard:  444-4681
IBARS:  444-5795 Email:  MBARSSecurity@mt.gov
Security:  Contact your agency security officer.